Small group tours for women who love to travel

About Us

When life tells you that it’s too short not to enjoy …

L’Amitié Tours is the coalition of a passion for travel, frustration at the lack of quality tours that cater for solo women and the realisation that the joys of life need to be experienced while you still have life to live.

Your tour operator and host, Lynette had the dream of travelling through Tuscany with a small group of women many years ago and plans started to form but when family tragedy issued a wake-up call, Lynette became fully creative. Seizing the opportunity to build a tour in Provence, and with two years of meticulous planning, the first tours were conducted in May of 2015 to resounding acclaim


It very quickly became apparent that our niche market was not going to be satisfied with just the one tour so after another two years of research and planning we were excited to release tours of Tuscany (finally) and New Zealand (home for the Kiwi born girl) early in 2016.

 The name L’Amitié Tours literally means the ‘friendship tours’ in French and when choosing a name for the tours I wanted it to reflect what the tours were really all about. Whilst enjoying an experience of a lifetime you will meet and make friends that I’m sure you will continue to keep in touch with afterwards hence L’Amitié Tours was born.

Holding true to Lynette’s philosophy that the tours should create an environment where women can relax and enjoy themselves and the experiences of travel while still feeling a sense of security, our tours operate in small groups, attended to by two female hosts and two male drivers. We aim to provide a safe, friendly and fun holiday with a minimum of stress.