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Jun 09 2016

Day 10 - Fanny Knackerpants Meets Chez Fanny

DSC_0316-01What another amazing day! This morning we travelled a scenic route through vineyards and olive groves to the town of St Remy de Provence, or St Remy for short.  A popular place for many of our famous movie stars and the like to own homes in the area.  It is a magnificent town with the fabulous backdrop of the Alpilles mountain range looming behind setting for many a great artist.

DSC_0301-01St Remy of course is also famous for being the birthplace of Nostradamus as well as the site where Vincent Van Gogh painted some of his most memorable works while interred at the St Paul Asylum, more on this shortly.

Our first priority however was to visit the renowned markets and take in the sights of this vibrant town. The cobbled streets of St Remy led to a myriad of small boutiques and stores offering up a seemingly endless supply of home wares, gift wares and beautiful art works. The weekly market is always a bustling hive of activity with stall holders willing and ready to sell any number of goods, stop for a chat, all DSC_0284-01this accompanied by street musicians.  What a sight to behold, absolutely fantastic vibes come from this beautifully set out town.

All to soon it was time to meet up again for lunch at a wonderful restaurant called Chez Fanny, not your normal tourist spot, known predomin
antly to the locals hidden away down a laneway but oh so welcoming with a subtle breeze blowing through the open windows to cool our warm faces, shopping is after all, hard work!  We once again feasted on sensational salads, steaks, pasta, an
d fabulous pastis coupled of course with the requisite glass of vin blanc f
or a change.

Bust of Vincent van GoghInner Courtyard of St Paul's Asylum, St RemyAfter lunch no trip to St Remy would be complete without a visit to the Monastery de Saint Paul, commonly referred to as ‘the madhouse’ where Van Gogh spent several years and painted approximately
150 of his most inspired works depicting scenes in and around the asylum.

For those who do not know it may be of interest that in 1987 Alan Bond brought Van Gogh’s original ‘Irises’ for $54 million, the highest price ever paid for a single painting.  It was sold three years later to the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

Irises-Vincent_van_GoghFeeling absolutely replete we headed home to relax around the terrace before enjoying another delicious meal prepared by the supremely talented MC where more Provençal dishes were offered up, further educating our taste buds.  A few glasses of local wine with dinner and all the girls were ready for a well earned rest after a memorable and spectacular day. Bonne nuit!