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Jun 15 2017

A Day Full Of Flavours

Today we took the short drive towards Montlpulciano, stopping near the village of Valiano at the renowned Avignonesi Winery.  The winery has very ancient origins and there is no reliable information on when it was established.

Avignonesi is one of the most ancient wineries of Italy, as its existence is documented even before the second half of the sixteenth century during which was built the Avignonesi palace of Montepulciano by the famous architect Jacopo Barozzi, also known as “il Vignola”.

Worldwide prestige and notoriety of this Tuscan winery is the result of Ettore and Alberto Falvo brothers who in 1974, already proprietors of the Tenuta La Selva, decided to acquire Avignonesi winery by completely restoring it. Since those times their goal for quality was very clear and therefore began to invest on viticulture.  A good wine – as it is known – is created in the vineyard first and then in cellar.  In the course of time Avignonesi’s vineyards were introduced and selected varieties of French origin, such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir, as well as typical varieties of the area.

The current production of Avignonesi is of about 700.000 bottles per year and wine production is led by the talented wine maker Paolo Trappolini.  The job done by Avignonesi in the commercial and productive aspects has allowed the prestigious winery of Montepulciano to reach the highest appreciation all over the world, wine which does not only identify the Avignonesi style, but also the territory from which they are from.  Avignonesi wines are mainly distributed in the United States of America, Italy, Germany and in more than 37 countries of the world, of which the main ones are Switzerland, Japan, Belgium and United Kingdom although a few can be found in Australia if you look hard enough and the look is well worth it.

Today we started the day off in the garden selecting certain quantities of fresh herbs that would play a part in our cooking lesson by the very talented Avignonesi chef who immersed us in the world of Tuscan cuisine.  Learning how to make the typical savoury dishes of ‘pici’ and ‘sugo all’aglione’ (tomato garlic sauce), followed by a superb pork loin which was unbelievably wrapped in ‘glad wrap’ and placed in the oven coming out succulent and juicy, an incredible result followed by our ‘handmade’ tiramisu with amaretto as the base liquor.  Ooh la lah… what a delectably divine cooking class, but wait there’s more.

Not realising… we took part in an very educational winery tour that showed us that there is even better than organic known as bio dynamic where they plant by the moon and sun cycles and connected with the seasons, the soils and the time of year.  Wow, what you learn on a wine tour!!

Leading us back to the beautiful restaurant with it’s amazing views out over the surrounding valley’s from it’s wall to ceiling fold back doors we settled in for a four course lunch with matching Avignonesi wines … I fell in love with the second wine and was tempted to add it to my collection of wines to take home until I found it was worth 120 euro per bottle … I’ll have another glass thanks… no wonder it wasn’t filled to the brim!

Setting off home after an absolutely magnicient day set amongst the vineyards of this superbly located vineyard we blessed our cotton socks for all of the wonderful experiences we have had thus far leading in to our final day of exploring tomorrow when we head off to Siena.

Time to say Buono Notte once again and to dream of all of the wonderful memories we have already created before we set off in our chariot tomorrow for our final day.